ways - Songs of the Core

Intercultural World Music Project on Psalms of the Bible

The idea
Psalms in a new musical style and with languages from all over the world - that's what the choir project "ways - songs of the core" stands for. The new pop songs by Christian Probst not only live through the music and languages of different continents.
This project is based on the dream of real "world music" in which about 50 music lovers and artists with different mother tongues and different ways of life perform the songs together on stage - in cross-cultural community and multilingual.
The aim of the music project is to give music-loving people from different cultures the opportunity to make music together and to experience Psalms as texts that can give musical expression to very personal paths in life. The English "core" means "core, heart, center" and can also figuratively mean the soul of something. "Songs of the core", that is, songs of the heart, we want to sing together and share with the world at the Kirchentag 2023 in Nuremberg.
Professional and volunteer musicians are musically active together in the project. The world music compositions in different languages invite people of different cultures and nations to communicate. The songs live from the fact that people from different countries participate. In "ways" they are at the same time experts for their own mother tongue and "greenhorns" (newcomers, greenhorns) for other languages. Non-musical volunteers also have the opportunity to participate in the project as part of the program planning and social media team.

Join us
We invite people from the age of 18 who like to sing and who want to go on a musical, cultural and spiritual journey.
If you are not quite as musical, but still want to participate, we look forward to your collaboration in the program planning and socialmedia team!
At our meetings we will of course work a lot on the songs. In addition, we also want to get to know each other well, exchange ideas about our lives and the Way Psalms, and experience the diversity in the group as a richness. Our shared experiences of the meetings create ultimately the program of the concert. Bring your interests and ideas.
To enable the choir to sing in several registers and to experience multilingualism and diversity in the group, we will review all registrations after the registration deadline and only then send out binding confirmations. Please keep all dates free until then, especially for the rehearsal weekends.

Everyone who wants to take part should also have the opportunity to be there.
You would like to participate, but cannot pay the participation fee? Please contact us because we are trying to cover this with donations and grants. We will find a way together.
The participation fee for the project is 50,00 € per rehearsal weekend and it includes: the whole package with meals and accomodation in shared rooms, further rehearsal dates, programming, music materials, etc.

We will organise car pools for the trips to the rehearsal weekends.

Schedule and locations
The project for choir, band, brass and soloists will be launched in 2022 and is scheduled to premiere at the Deutscher Evangelischer Kirchentag in Nürnberg 2023. In addition, a music production and a tour through Bavaria are planned.
Dates that you should definitely keep in mind:
Friday, 8.4.2022 - Sunday, 10.4.2022 Opener Weekend, Burg Hoheneck/Ipsheim
Saturday, 23.07.2022   Rehearsal day, Nuremberg
Friday, 14.10.2022 - Sunday, 16.10.2022 Choir weekend, Oberschlauersbach
Friday, 10.3.2023 - Sunday, 12.3.2023 Choir weekend
Friday, 2.6.2023 - Sunday, 4.6.2023 Final rehearsal weekend
Thursday, 08.06.2023 - Sunday, 11.06.2023 Performance at the Deutscher Evangelischer Kirchentag, Nuremberg (exact date still open)

The rehearsal weekends will take place in various meeting houses in the Nuremberg region. Accommodation will be in shared rooms.
In between there will be further rehearsals on changing dates digitally or in Nuremberg. The dates will be published as soon as possible.
It is important that you can attend as many rehearsals as possible, especially all weekends!
All dates depend on the pandemic developments, to which we will react flexibly.

Project team members and main focuses

  • Christian Probst, pastor, afg project idea, leadership
  • Sandra Schwarz, deaconess - choir director
  • Barbara Gruß, deaconess, afg - Organization and design of the rehearsal weekends, accompaniment team ehrenamt
  • Johanna Kluge, social pedagogue, EJB - Organization and design of the rehearsal weekends, accompaniment team ehrenamt
  • Clara Jantos, Cultural Officer, DEKT 2023 - Organization
  • Wolfgang Böhm, Fundraiser - Financing

Any questions?
Barbara Gruß, 0911 4316-220,
Christian Probst, 0911 4316-271,
Amt für Gemeindedienst (Office of Christian Community Service)
Sperberstraße 70
90461 Nürnberg
0911 4316-0

Cooperation: Evangelische Jugend in Bayern (EJB), Dekanat Nürnberg, Fundraising in der ELKB, Christlicher Popularmusikverband, Mission eine Welt


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